How to Write Irresistible Content for Your Health Coaching Website

Have you ever struggled with what to write on your health coaching website?  You have so much information you want to share and may spend hours tweaking your web copy because you don’t know what will work best.

Whether you are new at health coaching or have had a business for years, what you do transforms people’s lives.  With so much valuable information at your fingertips, how do you know what to put on your website?  What information do you include on which web pages?  And what information do you leave out?

Irresistible web copy attracts potential clients and can turn your website into a list building machine.  If you’re not getting the results you want from your website, read on for some of my best tips on what to write on your web pages.

Tip #1 – Keep It Simple

This means keep your website short and to the point.  Your potential clients are busy.  When they first get to your site, they want the Cliff Notes version, not the doctorate dissertation.  So, save the long web copy for things like sales letter pages, not your About Page.

Keep the content clean and free of clutter.  Leave white space between areas of content.  Model the layout after the inside of a magazine (without the ads), rather than like a book.

A magazine has information in blocks with white space around it, background colors, graphic images, and sometimes borders.  A book’s page usually has just paragraphs of text.

Tip #2 – Present One Clear Message

Let’s keep it simple so you can get your content up quickly.

First, decide what your purpose is for each page of your website.  You’ll want to present one main message for each webpage based on that purpose.

So the purpose of your Landing Page may be to get them on your list.  The purpose of your Services Page will be to tell them about your health coaching services and programs.  You get the idea.

Second, you’ll create a clear message that says, “Here’s what I got, and here’s what it will do for you.” This starts with your headline and subheadlines at the top of the page.

So if the main purpose of your landing page is to get them on your list, you’ll have an irresistible free offer to give them in exchange for their name and email address.  The main message will include:  who the free offer is for and what it will do for them (or how they will benefit).

Here are some great headline examples from some of my clients’ sites:

“Discover 2 Time-saving, Simple, Cutting-edge Secrets that Flatten Your Belly and Multiply Your Energy So That You Can Quickly Fire Up Your Fitness, Vitality, Shape, and Confidence!” – Lani Muelrath,

“10 Simple Solutions to Stop Sugar Cravings in Seconds Flat!” – Angela Minelli,

Tip #3 – Support the Main Message and Eliminate Distractions

All your web copy on a particular web page will support the purpose and main message for that page. In addition to your headline and subheadline, write about what you have to offer, who it will benefit, and what it will do for them.

Make it interesting by including stories, factual data, case studies, testimonials, pictures, or videos. Just don’t overwhelm the page with too much content.  In fact, if the content doesn’t support the main message, you’ll probably want to leave it out.

You may have some secondary messages on the page, like a web form requesting that they get your free offer.  But for best results, make sure those other messages don’t compete for attention with your main message.

For instance, on your About Page, your main message is to tell them who you are so that they know what makes you different from all the other health coaches out there.  That’s the “here’s what I got and here’s what it will do for you.”  It’s key to attracting high-paying clients.

So all the content on your About Page should support that message:  your story, image, and credentials.  This is not the place to talk about your service packages or have frequently asked questions.

I always recommend having an opt-in form for your free offer on your About Page.  This would be a secondary message, though, and probably be just an opt-in box with a web form and a few words.  It doesn’t detract from your content about you.

Tip #4 – Include a Clear Call to Action

What do you want them to do on that particular page?  What action do you want them to take?  If it’s your Landing Page, the action may be that you want them to fill in the webform so they can get your free offer.  If it’s your Services Page, the action may be that you want them to call you for a consultation.  If it’s your About Page, it may be the free offer opt-in or inviting them to call you for a complementary health strategy session.

Whatever the action is, make sure that it is clearly and prominently stated.  And only include one main call to action, such as “Enter your name and email address below,” “Click Here,” or “Call 1-888-123-4321 for your free strategy session.”

Obviously, most of your pages will have several other actions they can take, such as navigation they can click on or opt-in boxes.  But the key to getting people to take action is to make one call to action stand out above all other options.  That’s why sales letters have such prominent graphic buttons to “buy now” spread throughout the web copy.

Tip #5 – Use Their Words and Phrases

Here’s the key to creating irresistible web copy.  Follow all of the tips above.  But use the same words and phrases that your ideal clients use.  Then add in attention-grabbing words throughout your web copy – words like “secret,” “boost,” “discover,” “cutting-edge,” “quick,” or “simple.”

For Instance, instead of saying “you need a marketing plan” my client Carey Peters of Holistic MBA writes, “Strategize how you attract clients and make money.  The right marketing strategy is money in the bank!”  Not only is it attention-grabbing, but it also conveys more meaning.


If you’ve been thinking that your site is getting mediocre results – or worse, no results – go over each of your main webpages and decide how you can implement each of the tips above.

Is your site cluttered?  Is your navigation easy to understand and use?  Are you asking them to do too many things on one web page?  Are you giving them information or are you giving them information with a clear call to action?

Does your headline and/or subheadline clearly identify what you have to offer, who it’s for, and how it can help them?  Are you using words and phrases that will grab their attention?

You don’t need to be a copywriter in order to write irresistible web copy.  All you need are guidelines and intimate knowledge of your niche:  who they are and what they really want.

Remember to keep it simple and focus on one main message per web page.  If the content doesn’t support the main message and call to action, move it to another web page.  It’s just a distraction.

Now doesn’t that make writing irresistible web copy a whole lot easier?

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