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How to Charge What You’re Worth

Are you undercharging to get clients? Or do you work too many hours for too little money? Maybe you fear that if you increase your fees, you won’t be able to find clients willing to hire you.

In this article, I’ll share with you four essential steps that will allow you to charge what you’re worth and get it.

You can increase your fees 20%, 50%, or even 200% and get more clients than you do now. But before you do, there are a few things you’ll need to have in place.

Each of the following four steps can help you increase your fees and/or earn more while working less. But when combined together, they have an amazing, synergistic effect – allowing you to truly charge what you’re worth.

Here are the four steps to focus on.

Step 1 – Look for people who are desperate for a solution

There’s a big difference between someone who is desperate for a solution to their problem and someone who is slightly interested in your services. The first is willing to invest time, money, and effort into getting relief. The second one isn’t.

Many coaches undercharge and struggle to get clients because they are trying to “sell” their services to people who aren’t convinced that they need help in the first place.

Your ideal client is someone who is desperate for a solution and is already looking for the transformation that you offer. There’s a good chances that they’ve been suffering with their problem for months, years, or even decades. And nothing they’ve tried has worked well or had lasting results.

Step 2 – Determine the real value for what you offer

Coaches often undercharge because they’ve never figured out the true and real value of their services. Miss this, and you’ll end up working for peanuts – with a hobby, instead of a profitable coaching business.

The real value is equal to the transformation your clients experience, not the amount of time you work with them.

Write down the results your clients experience in their life after working with you. Do they have more energy? Do they feel more confident? Are they able to earn more money, get a better job, or find their true love? Make a list of all the ways they benefit.

Ask yourself, what that is worth to them? What is it worth to no longer be anxious or depressed? What is the value of doubling their business, getting a good night’s sleep, boosting their energy, or finally eliminating pain?

Try to put a monetary amount on each benefit, and you’ll quickly see that you can easily charge what you’re worth for the transformation you offer.

Step 3 – Create a proven, step-by-step system for getting results

Let me show you how powerful a proven, step-by-step system can be for charging higher fees.

If you wanted to lower your blood sugar and boost your energy, would you rather:

A) Work indefinitely with a health coach on your lifestyle and food choices until you get the results you want?


B) Start a proven, step-by-step, 6-month program for lowering your blood sugar, losing weight, and boosting your energy?

Obvious choice, right?

Consider the services you are currently offering. If your clients get amazing, transformational results, then you already have a proven, step-by-step system in place. That means you just need to document what that system looks like. Then use it in a program.

Step 4 – Offer packages and programs, not hourly coaching sessions

This is an extension of your system discussed in Step 3. Your programs (and packages) will include your proven, step-by-step system, along with a collection of features that produce a specific result.

Your program may include a number of coaching sessions, email access between coaching sessions, handouts, books, video training, workshops, or any other features and services that a typical client would need to get the transformational results you deliver.

I recommend you offer at least two different programs, each for a fixed investment and specific time frame. That way you have an entry-level program, like a Jump Start package or group program, for people with a limited budget, and an in-depth program for people who want a lot of your time and attention (and are willing to pay for it.)


You can easily charge what you’re worth and get it. Think about the services you currently offer and the amazing transformation your clients are getting. Then redesign your current programs with the above four steps in mind. You should notice an immediate increase in the number of clients you are able to attract.

I recommend that you increase your fees at least 20% to start. Many of my clients have been able to increase their fees 50-500% with just a few tweaks to their existing programs. Over the years, I’ve personally doubled and tripled my own profits multiple times by focusing on these four things.

What are you waiting for? Find a comfortable place to work, and get started today.

Please leave a comment or question below – I’d love to hear from you.

3 Simple Strategies For Creating A Powerful Testimonial Page Even If You’ve Never Had A Paying Client

It’s one of the four most important pages on your website. If you don’t have any content on this page it certainly can give a potential client a moment of pause before hiring you. The page I’m referring to is your ‘Testimonial Page’.

Have you ever been on Amazon ready to click the buy now button to purchase a hot new book or the latest trending gadget and just before committing to the purchase you think to yourself… maybe I should check out the reviews?

Even more importantly have the reviews or testimonials ever swayed your decision whether to buy one way or the other? I know that has happened to me time and time again.

Testimonials carry a tremendous amount of credibility when a potential buyer is thinking about making a purchase. It’s the same situation when a potential client is checking you out on your website trying to decide if they will hire you. Of course, one of the first places they will go is your Testimonial Page to read about the experiences of your past clients.

Unfortunately this page is one of the most neglected or ignored pages by Coaches and Consultants when they are new in business and haven’t yet worked with their first client.

There is no doubt that you want to make a great impression and have your website content persuade your potential client to say, “Yes” to hiring you. But what should you do if you don’t have a single testimonial to add, leaving your Testimonial page blank?

I have GREAT news for you!

You can easily build an extremely impressive and professional Testimonial Page even if you’ve never had a paying client.

Keep in mind that the goal of a Testimonial Page is to build credibility in the eyes of your ideal clients. When designed in a way that spotlights your value and experience it will quickly convince the reader that you’re just what they are looking for and they’ll immediately want to hire you.

Today I’m sharing 3 easy strategies you can implement today that will instantly establish you as an expert and authority within your niche’, even if you’ve never had a paying client.

Strategy #1: Ask colleagues or mentors to write a testimonial describing your expertise and commitment to your clients.

Who better to give you a recommendation than someone you’ve learned from or a peer in your industry that has knowledge of your programs, products and services?

Strategy #2: Ask friends and family that you’ve helped and supported with your vast knowledge to write a testimonial describing how your support has caused a change or improvement in their life.

As a passion driven entrepreneur, you are more than likely sharing valuable tips and strategies with those around you all of the time. Even the smallest improvement in someone’s health or condition is worth documenting in a testimonial.

Strategy #3: Document each time you participate in a local talk, online summit, guest blog or are interviewed on a podcast. This type of exposure certainly establishes your expertise and gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with a larger audience.

If you’re being asked to share your information with someone else’s following, it is definitely noteworthy and should be included on your Testimonial Page.

All you have to do is take a screenshot of the webpage and write a descriptive paragraph about what you offered during the event.

BONUS STRATEGY: If you want to take Strategy #3 one step further, ask the host of the event you participated in to write a testimonial about the value of your presentation. Ask them to share their favorite part of the information you shared and how it impacted them or their audience.

If you would like to learn more about designing the perfect Testimonial Page, how to capture amazing testimonials from your past clients and the 5-step process that breaks it all down for you, just grab a copy of my brand new guide by CLICKING HERE.

The Client Testimonial Acquisition Formula

Build An Amazing Testimonial Page Even If You’ve Never Had A Paying Client



Don’t wait! Download your copy of my brand new guide right now and then draft a list of 10 people you can ask for testimonials today. Draft a simple email to each of them, (just copy and paste for simplicity), asking them to provide a testimonial to you. Set a 2-week timeline for collecting at least 3 brand new testimonials that you can add to your website immediately.

You can do this! I believe in you and your success.

Is there a “good” time to launch a program? (timeline inside)

Last week I was having a strategy call with a client who is planning to offer a detox sometime in the coming months.

She asked me a question I hear often, which is, “is June a good time to launch?”

You can replace “June” with another month, as I get asked this question throughout the year.

You may be thinking that summer is not a good time to launch a program, but the truth is that any time can be a good time to launch. (Keep reading because there are a couple of caveats to this.)

People who are struggling with their weight, digestive issues, or fatigue don’t stop feeling frustrated about these things because it’s the summer (or any other time of the year for that matter).

There are people out there who are ready and want your help, but often we stop ourselves from launching a program or promoting our services because we want to find the “perfect” time.

One of the most important things to remember, when you launch a program, is that you want it to be clear that your program solves a problem that your audience cares deeply about.

If your offer is compelling, people will sign up. When a problem is big enough, anytime is the “perfect” time.

As I mentioned earlier, there are two caveats to the statement “any time is a good time to launch.”

Caveat #1:

This relates to knowing your audience and taking into account timeframes that might not work for them.

For example, let’s say that you work with moms in your local area who have school age kids. If you know that the last two weeks of the school year are jam-packed with end-of-year activities, you won’t want to launch a program during this time.

Caveat #2:
This relates to your schedule and knowing what will work for you.

For example, if you have two other big projects in the works in your business, you may not have the energy to focus on a launch and implement it successfully. Be careful not to use this as an excuse to procrastinate: ). I recommend you start by planning your launch and then plan your other projects around that.

While it is just the end of April, you can have a stress-free and successful launch of a summer program if you start planning now.

You might be wondering what you should be focusing on when, to successfully launch a cleanse or detox. Have no fear; I’ve got you covered!

I’ve put a timeline together for you, to help you plan for a low-stress, profitable launch in January. (Note that this timeline does not include a preview call or an affiliate program. I’ve kept this simple to keep you out of overwhelm.)

Launch Timeline for Summer Program

Week of May 11th – Finalizing program details

· Determine the length of your program and pricing

  • Review your cleanse/detox materials and start to make edits.

Week of May 18th – Getting ready to promote

· Create your sales page. (This is where people can learn about your program and register.)

  • Write or edit the welcome email participants will receive when they register.

Week of May 25th – Getting ready to promote

· Make final edits to your cleanse/detox materials.

· If you plan to provide live calls as part of your program, set-up a free account with (or another teleseminar provider).

Week of June 1st – Getting ready to promote

· Set up and schedule your first 4 promotional emails in your email marketing system (such as Aweber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or 1ShoppingCart).

Week of June 8th – Promotion starts

· Special Early Bird pricing is good this week (and for a total of 7 days).

· First 4 promotional emails are sent this week.

· Set up and schedule the last 2 promotional emails in your email marketing system (such as Aweber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or 1ShoppingCart).

Week of June 15th – Promotion continues

· Special Early Bird pricing ends.

· Last 2 promotional emails are sent this week.

· If you plan to provide live calls as part of your program, finalize the content for your “kick off” call.

Week of June 22  – Program starts

· Send out an email to participants the day before your kick off call, with their detox/cleanse materials and a reminder about the call.

· Hold your live kick off call, if applicable.

· Provide support to participants through a Private Facebook Group.

Week of June 29th  – Program ends (depending on length of program)

· If applicable, send out an email to participants the day before your live wrap-up call, with a reminder about the call.

· Hold your live wrap-up call.

· Email participants with a feedback survey and a link to schedule their bonus 30-minute post-cleanse/detox strategy call (if you’re providing this as part of the program).

Note: If you want to run a program in July or August, you can simply shift the dates and give yourself even more time to prepare and promote your program.

Do you want to offer a group program but aren’t how to promote it?

We’re about to change this.

I’ve put together a FREE webinar on “How to Successfully Promote Your Cleanse Program”.

In this webinar, I will interview 3 new health coaches who successfully promoted their cleanse programs (with little or no list!).

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I specifically selected NEW coaches because I want you to see what’s possible for you – even when you’re just starting out or don’t yet have a large following.

These coaches are ready to share exactly how they did it – so you can too. They will reveal what worked (and what didn’t) so you can shorten your learning curve. They’re not holding back! 

If you want more people in your programs, but don’t know how, this webinar is for you.

Here are the details:


Free Webinar

“How to Successfully Promote Your Cleanse Program”

Thursday, May 7th
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

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Don’t worry if you can’t make the live call. Register anyway, and Amy will send you the recording after the call.



Quick Website Tips for Health Coaches

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly look over your website and instantly

know what to change to attract more clients?  In this article, I’ll share with you

exactly how to do that with a health coaching website.


I love doing website reviews and evaluations for coaches and consultants. And

through the years, I’ve come up with my own system for quickly evaluating a

coaching site.  I can usually tell in just a few minutes what’s wrong with a

coaching website and what needs to be changed or tweaked.


In this article, I’ll share with you 10 quick website tips that I use to help clients

improve their websites.


Website Tip #1 – Offer a Transformation


Does your site clearly communicate how you can help them?  And is it a problem

they desperately want to solve? 


As a health coach, you can help people with many different health issues.  But

when someone gets to your site, they need to instantly know “what’s in it for

them.”  And the best way to communicate this is with a transformation that says,

“I have the solution you’ve been looking for.”


For example, instead of saying you help people lose weight, you can have a

headline with “You, Too, Can Drop 2 Dress Sizes in the Next 30 Days.” 


Website Tip #2 – Stand Apart from the Competition


Why should someone choose to work with you instead of the competition?  You

need a way to stand apart from all the other health practitioners offering similar

services.  And you do that with branding. 


Your brand will reflect both who you are AND what you do.  It doesn’t have to be

unique, but it does need to be compelling, attractive, and a great reflection of you

and your services.


If you’re struggling with creating your transformation and branding, learn my 4

step process to creating an irresistible brand (in just 1 day) here:



Website Tip #3 – Make a Personal Connection


When people hire a health coach, they want to work with someone they know,

like, and trust.  They want to make a personal connection with you.


Include a recent, professional headshot image on your site – or even better, add

a video or audio to the home page.  That way people get to see and/or hear you,

and it creates a deeper connection than text and images alone.


Also, include either a biography section or have an About Page dedicated to

information about who you are. 


Website Tip #4 – Include Testimonials


Testimonials are great for building instant credibility.  Even if you have a

transformation people want and great branding, many people won’t hire you

without references or testimonials.   And the higher the program investment, the

more you’ll need great testimonials.


Website Tip #5 – Keep Navigation Simple


Is your site navigation easy to use?  Is content easy to find?  Having a

complicated navigation system will chase people away.  Your website visitors

need to be able to find content quickly.


Keep your navigation simple with only 7 items or less to choose from.  It’s usually

better to add more content to one page, than to have several different pages with

only a few words on each. 


Website Tip #6 – Avoid Distractions


Too many distractions can cause your website visitors to be confused.  There are

certain elements that draw the eye’s attention, such as large text, the color red,

and faces. 


When too many of these elements appear on a page, the person’s eye “jumps”

back and forth all over the page and they don’t know where to look first.  As a

result your branding and transformation message can get overlooked.


Website Tip #7 – Give Great Free Content


People are online looking for information first, then buying second.  So if you

want to attract paying clients, you have to first give great information. 


I recommend offering a free PDF report or audio training as a way to build a

mailing list (see tip #8) and using a blog for articles.


If you’d like to learn how to create a free offer in just a few hours, check out my 5-

step system here:


Website Tip #8 – Build a List


If you’re serious about attracting clients with a health coaching website, you

MUST collect names and email addresses so you can build an email list. 


Statistics show that most purchases are made after the 5th – 12th contact.  Which

means you will need a way to follow up with website visitors after they leave your



Tie this in with Tip #7 above and a regular newsletter, and you have an

automated client attraction system.


Website Tip #9 – Create Great Program Descriptions


When listing your programs on your website, give names and descriptions that

make it easy to tell them apart.  It should be clear whether the program is a do-it-

yourself solution, a 6-week group program, or a 3-month private coaching



Website Tip #10 – Include a Call to Action


In addition to giving great information, give people an action to take on each

page.  This is a key to attracting clients.   Ask them to get your free report, play a

video, leave a comment, follow you on Facebook, read another article, or click a

button to continue reading.




It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to create a client attracting website.  You can

greatly improve your website just by implementing the 10 quick tips above.


Please leave a comment below and let me know which tip you liked best –

or make a suggestion of your own. I’d love to hear from you.

How to Stand Out When Everyone is Offering a Cleanse / Detox

Does is seem like all the health coaches you know are offering a cleanse or detox?

Are you interested in offering an online program, but want to offer something unique that will stand out?
I know that you have something unique to offer, and a cleanse or detox is simply the format for a short program where you can draw upon your unique passion, knowledge, and skills as a coach.

Today, I am going to share how you can tap into your unique skills and passions, to create a cleanse or detox that stands out.

1. Determine a niche your program
Whether or not you have identified a niche for your business, you can still have a niche for your cleanse/detox.
Determine who you want to serve and what pain point you want the program to focus on.
For example: You could serve women who are trying to conceive and have the cleanse/detox focus on fertility.

2. Name your cleanse/detox

Using your chosen niche for inspiration, come up with a name for your cleanse/detox that makes it clear who this is for and what problem it solves.
If we stick with the fertility example, you could name the program “Optimize Your Fertility in 21 Days.”

3. Communicate the niche in your marketing
When you market your program, have your promotional emails, social media posts, and sales page copy clearly convey who this program is for and how it will help them.

4. Tweak the content
If you are using a done-for-you content, tweak the content so it works for your niche.

You can easily do this by:

· making simple changes to the recipes and menu plan

· adding in specific supplements or herbs that will support your participants

· adding in targeted lifestyle practices such as meditation, specific yoga poses, mantras, using a tongue scraper, etc.

Do you want to offer a group program but aren’t sure where to start?

Do you wonder…

…how to structure the program

…what materials to include

…how to create something people will buy

…what needs to happen when?

We’re about to change this.

I’ve put together a FREE webinar to show you, step-by-step, how to you can launch your own group program that your clients will beg for.

Free Webinar

“How to Easily Structure, Market & Fill
Online Wellness Programs”
Wednesday, March 4th
at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern


Register here –>>

SPECIAL BONUS! When you launch a new program, it’s easy to get into overwhelm. After the webinar, I will send you our Online Program Launch Timeline. It spells out exactly what to do, so you can launch your program with ease.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live call. Register anyway, and I’ll send you the recording after the call.




Learn to Focus on Getting Things Done

The question of focus comes up with my clients all the time. They’re passionate, creative health coaches full of great ideas. They just don’t always know how to harness their creative energy and passion into ways that will get them to their goals. They need to learn how to focus.

Getting Clear

Start by being clear what you want. If it’s an income goal, for example, put the number down in writing. Consider your income goal for the year and break it down into months. Know your income goal for this month and write it somewhere that you see it every day.

At the start of each day – or the block of time you’ve set aside for your health coaching business – bring your income goal to mind. Then write down up to 3 income-boosting actions you will take. That’s your to do list. Only after you complete those 3 actions would you spend time fussing with less goal-oriented tasks (ie, the easier stuff that keeps you feeling busy but never moves your business forward).

Some examples of income-boosting activities would be sending a targeted email to a few local yoga studios offering to present a talk to their students, writing a blog post and sharing it with your list and on social media including a link to join your list or schedule an initial consultation, or following up with a potential client by email reminding them about a discount that’s expiring.

These kinds of “putting yourself out there” activities can actually lead to new clients and income.

Hiding behind busywork, like changing the photo on your health coaching website’s About page for the third time, does not. Resist the temptation to spend hours on things that won’t lead to new business, take up too much of your time and/or would be better handled by an expert.

Focus on Your Expertise

I’m amazed how many times a new client tells me they spent months trying to learn how to build a website before they contacted me. Unless you’re interested in a business as a web designer, a Health Coach does not need that skill.

You need to keep your focus on sharing your message with your potential clients by writing and speaking consistently, working with your clients and, if it feels good to do so, advancing your coaching skills and expertise in your field. Leave the technical stuff – and other business tasks that take up too much of your time, like bookkeeping – to other experts.

If you’re like many of my clients, you’re coming up with new ideas all the time. And that’s great. It’s better to have a passionate, creative mind than not. But there is a downside. What I see these smart coaches doing is putting together new offers, programs, retreats, ecourses and ebooks and trying to market them, and then starting on the next great idea before ever getting to a place where the first idea found success.

Until you have a huge following of people who want everything you’ve got to offer, you need to find a few people who want what you put out there. To find them, you need to put your great idea out into the world and stand by it over time, putting all your passion behind it and saving the next great idea for later.

Let Your Success Build

At the start of your business, it’s better to get traction and start to experience what success (and the income that comes along with it) feels like. To do that, you need to trust in your ideas and learn how to market them.

What you learn through the experience of marketing one great idea, can later be applied to your next creation. You can channel your creativity, your desire to always be coming up with something new, into trying out new marketing strategies for the one offer you’re committed to.

For example, if income is your goal, you could put all of your focus on getting new clients into your six month health coaching program. Learn how to attract a new client, how to get them to schedule that initial conversation, and how to enroll them into your program. Do that a bunch of times, really experience what it’s like to successfully put an offer out into the world (your six month program) and get people to invest in it. Once that’s going well, you might create another offering.

Now you know the steps it takes to enroll new clients into that second offering, and so on. Let each success build up to the next.

What I see new health coaches doing instead is offering a detox group, a three month and six month program, a retreat and an ecourse all at once, not knowing yet how to successfully market any of them, and then getting frustrated that nothing seems to be taking off. In time, you’ll be offering all sorts of things, but you need to stick with one at a time until you’ve got a decent size following and some successes under your belt.

Otherwise, it feels like a constant uphill battle, and it doesn’t need to.

If this resonates with you and you’re ready to focus on one great idea and learn how to market it successfully, I can show you how. Start by scheduling an Awesome Business Breakthrough Session (use code HCW20 to save $20) now.

To you and your awesome business,

Looking to Partner with Doctors? Read This!

Two Health Coaches have shown the way to develop relationship with and partner with doctors most likely to employ or refer to them by partnering with the Functional Forum. Now you can too.

Functional Medicine has been growing in popularity over the last few years as medicine looks for systems capable of dealing the modern epidemics of chronic disease. In 2014, that growth took a sharp rise with the announcement of the new Functional Medicine Center at the Cleveland Clinic, which adds a lot of legitimacy to this new paradigm (and will be employing health coaches!)

This should be music to the ears of health coaches, not only because one of the foundations of Functional Medicine is ‘food as medicine’, but also that some of the top Functional MDs have been using health coaches in their practices to add more value to the patient experience.

In our 2014 Evolution of Medicine Summit we featured a few doctors who have been ahead of the curve on this, like Dr. Frank Lipman who employs seven health coaches in his Manhattan practice. More recently, Dr. Robin Berzin opened Parsley Health, a digitally advanced Functional Medicine practice with two health coaches in her model.

· But how do you, a health coach, find a Functional MD to work with?

· How do you introduce them to what you do?

· How to you get them to answer my calls?

These questions and more we have heard from health coaches all over the country. There are a few ways to solve this, but none as easy, eloquent and valuable as what I am about to share with you.

Over the last year, we have been building the Functional Forum, a monthly 90-minute live web show for Functional MDs and other integrative providers. At first it was just in New York, but more recently we have had 8000+ doctors and practitioners watching the stream all over the country.

In January, we created a pilot program for health coaches to start a meetup in their area and get together once a month and create a local community around the show. The results of the pilot have been astounding. Our guinea pigs, Fiona Barrett and Sarah Konkel managed to do the first ever satellite meetup in none other than Mass General Hospital in Boston, one of the most conservative hospitals in the country.

By setting up the meetup, Fiona and Sarah were able to use the credibility and speaking talent of the Functional Forum to engage with local Functional MDs and create a remarkable event. We recorded a 30 minute podcast with them about their experience creating the meetup and you can find that, along with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a meetup in your area on our meetup page.

Some of the major benefits that health coaches can expect from creating the meetup include

· Connecting with doctors who could refer to you or partner with you

· Become a leader in creating positive change in your community

· Get hired by companies looking to connect with those doctors (labs, supplements, etc.)

· Benefit financially from creating community (more details to follow)

Our next few Forums we will be focusing on topics that would be interesting not only to those MDs already practicing Functional Medicine, but also to mainstream doctors looking to make the switch. Our March Forum is entitled “Microbiome Madness” and features some of the leading names and rising stars in Functional Medicine.

All that stands in the way of you having the career and practice situation of your dreams is a little initiative and a few phone calls. The time to act is now. If we can all take massive action to create community for integrative providers all over the country then we will really see medicine evolve much more quickly, and health coaches take their rightful place in a modern medical system!


Want more clients in your programs? Try this…

Now that it’s January, I’m sure you’ve been thinking about what you’d like to achieve in your business this year.

Would you like to have more 1:1 clients and enroll more people in your programs?

I want that for you too!

I want you to set yourself up for an amazing year to come.

Today, I am going to share how you can get more people interested in your programs and increase your revenue.

As a health coach or nutritionist, when you think about offering a cleanse, detox, or private coaching program, you likely plan to start by creating the content for the program.

This makes sense in theory, because if you don’t have the content created, you won’t have anything to deliver to your participants.

Plus, creating content draws on your creativity, training, and expertise. It is exhilarating to create new offerings, but it can also be very time consuming.

The problem with starting with content creation is that you will likely have little time or energy to market your program. And this means that you won’t have many people to share your amazing content with.

If you’ve had this experience, you’re not alone.

I’ve worked with clients who put their hearts and souls into creating an amazing program. They then sent out a couple of emails, and felt disheartened when enrollment was low for their program.

I don’t want you to have this experience the next time you offer a program.

The good news is that you can enroll more people in your programs by shifting your timeline when launching programs.

Here’s a 4 step process that will give you ample time to create an amazing program AND market it effectively.

Step 1: Map out the concept for the offering
During this step, you will determine what type of program you are going to offer, what problems the program will solve for participants, the main topics you will cover, and how the program will be structured. You aren’t creating the content; you’re just creating an outline.

Mapping out your content first will help you determine who you are targeting and how to best reach that audience.

Step 2: Map out your marketing plan

During this step, you will determine how you will market your program. Will you send emails out to your list, promote on social media, offer live workshops or teleseminars, part with joint venture partners?

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating a marketing plan?
I’ve got you covered! I’m offering a free webinar on Friday entitled “How to Get People Enrolled in Your Programs, Even if You Don’t Have a Big List.” Click here to register.

Step 3: Create a marketing and content creation timeline

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, and you have your content AND marketing plan mapped out, you’ll have a clearer picture of everything you need to accomplish. This means that your marketing won’t get lost while you’re in content creation mode.

Now you’re ready to create a timeline for all the tasks that you need to accomplish, so you know what to focus on each week, leading up to your launch and throughout the program. Then, schedule time on your calendar to complete the tasks in your timeline.

(By-the-way, when you register for the webinar I linked to above, you’ll also receive a detailed marketing timeline that you can adjust and make your own.)

Step 4: Implement your plan and create an amazing, profitable program

Set yourself up for success by honoring what’s in your calendar. If you feel resistant to completing a task, I encourage you to sit down and work for an hour. I always find that once I get started on a task, it’s always easier than I thought.

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How to Create an Effective Website

Do you ever wonder if your website is structured in a way that attracts clients and builds your list?

If you don’t have a website yet, no worries. These tips will helps you learn how to structure your website when you’re ready.

One of the keys to having a website that helps your business grow is simplicity.

In this article, I am going to share how to effectively structure your website so that it supports your business goals of attracting clients, building your list, and increasing your revenue.

Having a website with a simple, straightforward structure will allow you to more effectively guide your website visitors on the path you’d like them to go.

The goal is for your website to be a simple roadmap, with just a few options of where to go, when to stop, and when to make the next turn.

What we want to avoid is your website becoming a maze where your website visitors get lost or off-track from taking the key steps you’d like them to take.

How can you start to create a website with a simple and effective structure?

The first step is to look at the pages you have on your website.  You specifically want to look at the pages that are listed in your main navigation.

  • Keep the number of pages in your main navigation to minimum.
  • Avoid drop downs. (A drop down is when you hover over, or click, one of the links in your main navigation and you are then given a set of additional pages to choose from.)
  • Remove non-essential pages such as “My approach” or “My training.” Items like this can easily be covered in an “About” page.
  • List the pages in the main navigation in the order you want people to navigate through your website. (Your website visitors may not go in order, but you want to help guide them.)

Here’s an example of a simple structure for a health coaching website:

Start here
Success Stories

While this example is a great place to start when mapping out your website, I am not suggesting that this exact structure is perfect for every health coach.

How to effectively structure your website depends upon where you’re at in your business, your specific goals for your business, the amount of traffic you are generating, and your offerings.

The key, no matter where you are at in your business, is to keep it simple.

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My Favorite Online Marketing Tool of All Time

I remember when I first started trying to build by list online.  I spent about a week learning how to make a custom aweber box to put on my website.  After studying online marketing for awhile, I learned that I really needed to be creating some dedicated squeeze pages if I really wanted to build my list.  For those of you new to the term, a squeeze page, also known as an opt-in page or a landing page is a page on your website that has the sole purpose of collecting email addresses from your subscribers in exchange for some sort of “free gift”.

I can’t even begin to count all the hours I wasted trying to create these kinds of pages on my own.  I tried different WordPress plugins, creating custom forms and every month there was a new “bright shiny object” that promised to make the job easier.  I bought them all.  Some of these products were OK, many of them were a waste of money, but they were all very lacking.

This all changed a couple of years ago when Lead Pages hit the market.  The first time I saw this tool, I was sold, and over the past 2 years it has only gotten better, with tons of new features added every year.

In this video, you can see a few of the latest upgrades that will make building your list that much easier.


This feature called LeadBoxes is revolutionary, especially if you have a non WordPress site, like an IIN site.  Before this, my recommendation was always for people to build custom html Email optin boxes in whatever email service they used and to create Squeeze pages off of their website.  When you watch the video, you can see 3 separate ways you can use these new Lead Boxes to start capturing email addresses on your website today.  For a quick demo on my test IIN site, go check out this LINK!  I have all 3 techniques setup on the home page.  You can use 1 or all of them.

1.  Leadbox set to popup when you land on site.  In actual practice, you would make the time before this appears longer and there is also an option to not show it for x number of days so you don’t annoy readers.

2.  Leadbox set to popup when you try to leave the site.  Again, you would not show this every time like I am doing.

3.  If you click on the image at the bottom of the page, you will also get the same leadbox, without having to send them to a separate page to collect their email address.

This is only one of the many features of this amazing tool, if you would like to learn more about some of the other features, CLICK HERE and sign up for the webinar.

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