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Becoming the Change-Bringer

What do we do in today’s world, where our food is so denatured and contaminated? When I began coaching my aim was pretty simply to help my clients make better choices more often. Help them understand how to cook once and eat often, crowd out less healthy foods with healthier options, get more sleep and […]

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Back-to-School for Your Health Coaching Business

You know what time it is.  And so do your ideal clients! No matter how old you get, September always feels like Back-to-School time.  Whether or not you’re busy shopping for school supplies, you feel the start to something new. In many ways, this time of year is similar to New Year’s.  Like they do in […]

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Is Your Website Secure?

If your coaching website was hacked, would you know what to do? Learn what you need to do NOW to protect your WordPress website. With the right preparations, you can be back online in just a couple of hours – instead of a couple of weeks. Without security precautions, your site is more vulnerable than […]

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How Not To Market Your Business

I assume since you are reading this that you want to learn the most effective ways to market you health coaching or wellness business, right?  Once you start diving into the world of marketing, you realize that it is much like diet, there is no one size fits all approach. There are however, some things […]

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