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When It’s Time For a Change

time for change

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you decided to change everything all at once?  Yeah, this was one of those weeks.  It all started when I finally decided to update the homepage of my website.  I have not been thrilled with the homepage for awhile now, but have been putting off doing […]

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The Network Marketing Myth

network marketing myth

I have a confession to make, I used to hold some serious misconceptions about network marketing.  It was about 10 years ago, I found an organic skin care company that I thought was going to be “the thing” that finally allowed me to quit working in the pharmaceutical industry and work for myself.  I fell […]

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What is Your Biggest Struggle?

Biggest Struggle

I have spoken with hundreds of health coaches over the past 5 years since I started Health Coach Weekly.  I have discovered that everyone is at different points along the journey, but everyone shares a few of the biggest struggles of health coaches.  Some of you are just thinking about exploring health coaching, some are […]

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Why I never promote B-School

Why I Never Promote B-School

I woke up this morning to our first REAL snow of this winter.  All the schools are closed, it’s not almost 4 and it’s still snowing! The first thought I had this morning was not “How much snow are we going to get?” or “Great, kids are off school another day.” My first thought was […]

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