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Getting Started with Online Health Coaching

Online health coaching is different from traditional offline health coaching.  As a result, most health coaches leave coaching school with a desire to market their services nationally or globally, but have no idea how to do so.  And their website becomes an online brochure does not bring them clients. So how do you get started […]

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SEO and Keywords for Health Coach Websites

How do you choose keywords for your health coach website? If youʼre like most health coaches, search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research is a big mystery.  You know itʼs important if you want your website to get found and ranked well in the search engines. But you donʼt know where to begin. In this […]

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How To Get Your Picture On Google

Have you ever wondered how to get your picture on Google? I’m guessing you have noticed that when you search on google more and more pictures of people are showing up next to posts? This has been a major change over the past year. When you are logged into Google you will see tiny thumbnails […]

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