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3 Simple Strategies For Creating A Powerful Testimonial Page Even If You’ve Never Had A Paying Client

It’s one of the four most important pages on your website. If you don’t have any content on this page it certainly can give a potential client a moment of pause before hiring you. The page I’m referring to is your ‘Testimonial Page’.Have you ever been on Amazon ready to click the buy now button to purchase a hot new book or the latest trending gadget and just befo [...]

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How to Easily Line-up Speaking Gigs

When I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the founder, Joshua Rosenthal, encouraged us to give talks as a way to build relationships and get clients.At the time, I was eager to leave my 9-5 so I could focus on health coaching, and prove to myself (and others) that "I could do this!"I was determined to make my health coaching practice a success, so I follo [...]

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Building a Profitable Health Coaching Practice that Fits Into Your Life

Do you sometimes feel like you’re spinning your wheels, and your business is in control of you? Do you ever wonder how you can structure you business around your lifestyle and your goals?  As business owners, we often find ourselves ‘winging it’ and that means learning things the hard way. Before we know it, our business has morphed into something quite different fr [...]

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The Problem With Trading Dollars for Hours

When I first decided I wanted to start my own business and “work for myself” about 10 years ago, I really had no idea what that entailed.My first foray into the world of owning my own business was an organic food delivery business.  I called it “Go Organics”, Organic food for people on the go.  I was a chef earlier in my life so this sounded like a great idea.[...]

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Google "Mobilegeddon" and Mobile Friendly Websites - What You Need to Do Now

Is your website mobile-friendly? In this article, find out how Google’s “mobilegeddon” update will impact your health coaching website, and what it will take to make your site mobile ready today. What is “Mobilegeddon”? For those of you unaware, Google has rolled out a new update to their search engine ranking algorithm.Google announced, “Starting April 21, we [...]

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Is there a "good" time to launch a program? (timeline inside)

Last week I was having a strategy call with a client who is planning to offer a detox sometime in the coming months.She asked me a question I hear often, which is, "is June a good time to launch?"You can replace "June" with another month, as I get asked this question throughout the year.You may be thinking that summer is not a good time to launch a program, but the [...]

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The One Thing Your Health Coaching Website Must Do

I look at health coaching websites all day. I review my new clients' existing websites and I give feedback to my team on how to better the sites we're building. From the freebie template sites to highly customized websites I see, there is one thing that must be front and center to make that site effective for building a health coaching business: the optin box.Also known as [...]

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You Deserve to Profit From Your Passions

I’m going to plant a tiny little seed in your brain. And I hope you will love the idea, nurture it, and let it, eventually, blossom.You deserve to profit from your passions.And if you’re a health coach, you probably already started down the path of doing what you love and loving what you do. Congratulations on taking the first step. Now what?For some reason, b [...]

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