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How to Save Hours Each Week With Social Media Tools

A great question I am asked on a regular basis is, “Kathleen, how do you do it all and still manage to maintain your online presence?” My answer? “I automate as much of it as possible.” Social media is a very powerful tool at our disposal; but like anything else, we have to find the right balance.Thankfully, there are brilliant programs out there to help business ow [...]

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I Cheated On My Ideal Client And It Was The Best Experience EVER!

Imagine logging into Skype, you feel calm and totally prepared, you reach for your pen and notepad, throw on your headset and you settle into a great big comfy chair, (your favorite chair by the way), tucked in just in time to connect with your ideal dream client.The Skype chimes begin to ring and you are now connected for another coaching call with a client that you totall [...]

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4 Steps to Creating Your First Coaching Package

Before people can buy from you, they have to know what you’re selling. And having seen so many of you struggle to create the perfect, amazing, everyone-will-rush-to-my-door coaching package…well, it’s time to give you the love & support you need to get out there and rock it.Here are four easy steps to creating your first coaching package:#1 - If you confuse pe [...]

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What to Say When They Want to Think About It

It's so frustrating to hear "I want to think about it," after you've just explained your fabulous, holistic program to a potential client. How do you get them to say "Yes!" instead?In this article, I'll give you exact scripts to use so you can stop wasting time and effort and start transforming lives. I'll also help you understand what's going on in their head when they hes [...]

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4-Step Formula To Build Confidence (must read)

“I’m scared mom. Should I do it?”“What if I fall off?” “What if I don’t like it?” “What if I get hurt?”It’s ok to feel scared Alexis. Everyone feels scared right before they do something they’ve never done before. Remember when we were at Great Wolf Lodge and you wanted to go down the big slide but you felt scared? Then you built up the courage a [...]

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How We Used Webinars to Grow Our List and Increase Signups

We were banging our heads against the wall. We’d been doing everything we knew to try to speed up audience growth, but couldn’t seem to break through the plateau. We were… Putting out regular blog postsPromoting content on social mediaUsing tools to capture contacts on our site. But not seeing hockey stick growth [...]

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The Difference Between Vision and Goal Setting... And Why You Need Both To Be Successful

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” ~Oprah WinfreyThis is the most recited quote ever from Oprah and I’ve always loved it.It’s simple and speaks clearly to all that is possible when you allow yourself the opportunity to create a vision for your life that is so grand it almost feels like a dream.[...]

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How to Know When It's Time to Hire Your First Assistant

To run a successful business with clients and income flowing in consistently, you need to set aside hours to work with clients, for Breakthrough Sessions with potential clients, for marketing efforts and for administrative tasks.What I often see instead is health coaches spending time on marketing, getting a few clients, and then spending all of their time on those clients [...]

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